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Why should you create games for your brand?

Whether you're looking to create a branded game for marketing purposes or want to use gamification to enhance the customer experience, we have the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life.


Our team works closely with clients to understand their goals and objectives and craft a game that meets their needs and resonates with their target audience.


In addition to development, we also offer a full range of support services to ensure the success of your game.

This includes marketing and promotion, analytics and tracking, and ongoing updates and maintenance.


Here are the benefits of developing games for your brands:

Increase brand exposure: Mobile games can reach a large audience and allow brands to increase their visibility and awareness.


Customer engagement: Mobile games can provide a fun and interactive way for brands to engage with their customers and build relationships.


Customer loyalty: By providing a positive and enjoyable experience through mobile games, brands can increase customer loyalty and retention.


Data collection: Mobile games can collect valuable data on customer behavior and preferences, which can be used to inform marketing and product development strategies.


New revenue streams: Mobile games can create new revenue streams for brands through in-app purchases, advertising, and other monetization strategies.


Increase social media presence: Mobile games can drive engagement and increase a brand's presence on social media platforms.


Targeted marketing: Mobile games can target specific demographics and interests, allowing brands to reach their desired audience more effectively.


Customer acquisition: Mobile games can be used to acquire new customers and expand a brand's reach.


Cross-promotion opportunities: Mobile games can be used to cross-promote other products or services, increasing the brand's overall value to customers.

Our Mission to help you engage with audience and increase your brand's visibility. 


Custom Developed Experiences

From the concept to development, we will create an experience that is uniquely yours.

User Engagement

We help you engage and connect with your audience through creating opportunities for interaction.

Data and Analytics

We provide in-depth analysis of your game to make sure we are delivering the best experience and driving the optimal results for your brand.

High Performance

provides high-performance and reliable experiences to maximize brand awareness and increase engagements.

We Rise


A journey on gender equality and women’s empowerment.


Developed in collaboration with the UN Women.

My career path is my future


Empower students aged 8-9 to explore their true potential, discover their abilities, and make informed decisions about their future profession.

Developed in collaboration with the International Labor Organization. 

Tank Museum


The Royal Tank Museum application designed to enhance virtual museum tour experience. Using your smartphone, you can view augmented reality images of the exhibits and get additional information.


Developed in collaboration with the Royal Tank Museum.


The Petra Museum 


The Petra Museum application offers visitors an interactive audio and text experience for forty historical pieces on display. Visitors can access these explanations by scanning the QR code of the pieces while at the museum, viewing 3D models, and watching three animated videos that recount significant events in the history of Petra. The app also includes an interactive map of the museum that shows the different facilities and halls, detailed explanations of each gallery and its most notable exhibits, and the locations of interactive displays.


The App was developed for JICA - Japan International Cooperation Agency




My career path is my future


Bankerji is an interactive game that allows players to experience the role of a manager at an Arab Bank branch. In the game, players can learn about customer profiles, banking services, and how to use various digital banking channels to serve customers quickly and efficiently. To succeed in the game, players must efficiently manage all aspects of branch banking facilities and customer service to satisfy customers. In the game, customers may have various tasks, such as opening accounts or withdrawing cash, and it is the player's job to ensure these needs are fulfilled.

The App was developed for the Arab Bank.



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